Irish Turf Incense is incense made from turf (peat). The logs of turf/peat we burn in our fires is dense, heavy and difficult to light. A full manufacturing process of the raw turf is necessary to produce the incense sods. However no fragrances are added. The smell is completely authentic and is unique to the villages and countryside’s of Ireland.


No it is not. The production of the incense sods is a complex process. The logs of turf/peat we burn in our fires is dense, heavy and difficult to light. The incense sod is genuine reconstituted turf/peat from the Tipperary bog lands. However resulting from the manufacturing process, the incense sods light easily and smouldering emits the nostalgic smell of a traditional open fire.
The boglands in Ireland consist of many layers of leaves, herbs, and roots, which turn into peat over thousands of years. Peat is locally known as “turf” and they’ve been “cutting turf” from the bog for centuries. It’s cut with a special spade called a “slean” then spread out on the surface of the bog to dry in the sun. Later, the turf logs or sods are “footed”, this means that it is stood on its end to dry further. Once dry, it is often stacked in large piles similar to hay stacks. Genuine Irish Turf is harvested in this traditional method, slean cut and sun dried in the bog.
There is currently a conservation order on all the raised boglands of Ireland. For those interested in supporting our boglands and for further detailed information visit Irish Peatlands Conservation Council As minute amounts of turf are in the production of the incense sods we have access to raw materials needed. In addition to the minute quantitiy taken, no machinery is involved in the harvesting of our supplies so we support the protection and preservation of our bog lands.
Place the slate hearth on a heat resistant surface away from any flammable surfaces or material. Light one corner of a mini turf/peat sod. Place smouldering sod on slate hearth- lit side up. And enjoy the evocative smell of Irish turf/peat as the smoke rises. Do not leave unattended. Keep out of the reach of children.
The incense sod will burn for 15 minutes or longer depending on the draft in the room. For example if it burns near a doorway where there’s a circulation of air it will burn quicker than if the door is closed. It is also worth noting that it will leave an aroma of an open Irish fire for many hours later. The slate hearth will heat up with the burning process. Be careful with use. Note: Turf/peat ash will remain smouldering and hot for a considerable length of time in spite of appearances. Ensure to quench the sod thoroughly before discarding.