What a wet miserable day…..had to work in the back lounge sorting out final photos for “the book”…..put on a big roaring log fire to cheer myself up. Whilst rooting in boxes I found a gift Naomi gave me ( have been looking for where I Buried it for years ) it is a little Irish Cottage..and it has little cubes of …wait for it…” Irish bog peat incense…..burnt a cube..and Naomi came tearing downstairs to see what the FAB smell was….Went over to the supermarket ..came back..house smelt so cosy and “Irish cottagey”….forgot about the rain !!!!you HAVE to buy this little beaut…or give it as a little present to homesick loved ones across the wide world….Just DA bomb ! Check it out….IRISH TURF/PEAT INCENSE
Twink – Adele Condron-King

Turfpeat incense was used in The Old Vic Theatre London for the recent production run of ‘Playboy of the Western World’ Audiences were mesmerised with the authentic aroma of Ireland


I bought one of these in the Boyle Craft Shop last September (2017) in the grounds of King House, Boyle. I’m from Dublin, but spent my summers and all the school holidays in my two Aunts’ houses in Sligo, from which I have treasured childhood memories, the happiest of times. When I lit the incense in my own home in Dublin – Wow! – I sat down, closed my eyes, and I was right back there again, reliving it all. To the manufacturer of this product, thanks for giving me that special moment. I light one of these I am back in Ireland, brilliant.


I absolutely LOVE peat turf incense!!!!!!! Brings back such lovely memories from visiting our grandparents in Ballybunion…they always had turf burning! Thank you so much!!!! I found this turf incense at Shannon duty free on my way back to America…..I bought a box for all my family over here..they love it too! We shall spread the word ;))


I returned from a trip yesterday to find my order. It’s almost impossible to explain how powerful and calming the smell of peat incense can be, and, as it’s become something of an addiction, I’m relieved to be in contact with the supplier. You have, in me, a life-long customer, and I’ll be sure to try and find you a few more.

Yours sincerely,

Yesterday my beautiful cottage arrived, safe and sound, and today has been a perfect day to smell peat burning – very cold, fires blazing, and my sweet little cottage goes with it all. Thank you so much for your kindness and prompt delivery,


Dear John and all at the gifted hand. my treasure from your blessed land arrived today.so many thanks and apologies for writing 2 days ago wondering about order. I knew as soon as i wrote that it would arrive. if only i could remember that patience is a virtue. Anyway i wanted to send my sincere thankful heart to all of you for the beautiful card with your sympathy.it is treasured indeed and will remain next to her picture always. She would be proud to know that her Ireland is close to her even still. God willing i hope to make it there someday, but if not, and as close as i get is the turf that burns bright in my heart and home, it shall be enough thanks to the gifted hand. Where a true friend is a sturdy shelter it is indeed a blessing to call you mine. Again so many thanks. May heavens rain always fill your glass to its fullest and every drop bless all of you twice!

All the best,
Paul from Oregon, USA

Hi all, just to say that I have a small dry cleaning business and as you are aware the aroma from the cleaning fluid is not to everybody’s taste. To combat this we discovered that the Gifted Hand had the solution to our problem. We purchase turf from them and we light it in the shop thus creating a beautiful aroma throughout the store, it’s pleasent and people do comment on the smell thinking we have a turf fire lighting down at the back of the shop. I would highly recommened this product to combat any unpleasent smells that you may have in any place home or whatever

Kind Regards, Paschal   (Mc Mahons Dry Cleaner)